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Driving Test Cancellations

Are you searching for driving test cancellations? If yes, we can help you find earlier driving test cancellations for you within two weeks or even a week of your choice at the driving test centre that you want. Car hire is included in our added value service if you need it or you can use your own driving instructor. Call us for a quick friendly chat on : 0208 500 3850 to find out which driving test cancellation dates we can find for you.

No upfront fees to find driving test cancellations! Only pay once you are satisfied and happy with the Driving Test Cancellation we find for you at the test centre of your choice.

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Have you just failed your driving test and rebooked another driving test appointment that is months away? Are you fed up of searching for a driving test cancellation and can't find one? Do you not have the time to search day and night for an earlier driving test cancellation? If the answer is yes, we can help find driving test cancellations for you.

How it works

Please note: You must have a driving test booking with the DVSA first in order for us to change your booking to an earlier Driving Test Cancellation date. Then fill in our simple form with your driving test details.

We search the DVSA data base every 5 seconds and when we find a suitable Driving Test Cancellation at the test centre you want we book it first then text you and let you reply back 'Yes' or 'No'. If you ask us to call your driving instructor first before booking we will call him or her first. We can always change the date we have booked if you say 'No' and find you other Driving Test Cancellations until you are happy. Once you confirm 'Yes' we will direct you to pay us. We accept Paypal and all other credit or debit cards. Please note we only accept payments from the U.K.

You only pay us once you agree with a Driving Test Cancellation date we have booked for you, or it's free!

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Cancellations Driving Test is a trading name of A Class Learners.com LTD.

We are a specialist online driving test cancellation and car hire finding service that exists for learner drivers that need driving test cancellation dates or car hire with an instrcutor for your test.

Watch and see what one of our happy customers have to say about us.

The added value of our service is that we check for Driving Test Cancellations every 5 seconds of the day and night which is impossible for the normal human to do. It's FREE to use our service until you agree on a Driving Test Cancellation we find for you. We also can check with your instructor first before changing your test. If you do not have a driving instructor with a car available we can arrange one for you included in our service. Save £100's on driving lessons needed to be kept at test standard and get a Driving Test Cancellation date earlier.

5 Star Reviews on Twitter

Did you know our success rate of finding driving test cancellations is 99%? This is reflected in our 5 star reviews left by learners that have used our online service to find driving test cancellation appointments.

We search the DVSA website every 5 seconds to find driving test cancellation appointments. This is why our success rate is so high as we search all the time.


Cancellations driving tests is not associated or affiliated with the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). 'Cancellations Driving Test' and 'Short Notice Tests' are trading names of A Class Learners.com Ltd.

If you are looking for a hassel free way of finding a driving test cancellation date, or car hire for test, then let our company with 10 + years of driving test finding experience do the finding for you.

Here at Cancellations Driving Test we offer a fast track premium service when it comes to getting earlier driving test cancellations. Our service is without a doubt the best as are our waiting times for finding driving test cancellations in the UK.

We normally find driving test cancellations within 1 - 3 days. Some driving test centres may take us a few more days to find you driving test cancellations.

Did you know it is free to use our service until you agree on a driving test cancellation date that we find and book for you. Our admin fee is £30 and you only pay us once you are happy with the driving test cancellation we book for you. Our other website shortnoticetests.com is the first original short notice driving test cancellations checker service in the U.K to exist.

Our payments are processed by PayPal and you don't need a PayPal account to pay us. Only pay us afters when you have agreed on a Driving Test Cancellation we book for you.

Did you know that you can change the date of your driving practical test on the DVSA website right here for free. Or if you want to pay us to sit there all day and night and find the perfect driving test cancellation date, because you don't have the time to search, then you can use our best driving test cancellation service to change the date of your driving practical test earlier.

Driving test cancellations gov are released at random by the DVSA at any given random time. So the best time to check for driving test cancellations, is all the time.

Book driving test cancellations through our website. We can book your driving test cancellation at your choice of practical driving test centre in the U.K. 1000's of happy customers have booked and found their practical driving test cancellations through our 5 Star driving test cancellation service.

Did you know we are the U.K's most highly rated practical driving test cancellation checker. We have over 50 practical driving test cancellation checkers who can not be beaten for checking and finding practical earlier driving test cancellations. Our five star reviews speak for themselves.

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